Light woven fabrics, soft and precious laces and floral prints.
All the flower beauty and finesse spread in this Valentines collection.
A Bohemian vibe is perfectly mixed with the “liberty” spirit fully end strongly expressed by the floral print.
The 70s allure it is still dominating in the lines, and “Olivia” mini dress becomes immediately the seasonal MUST HAVE.
Trasparencies and sheer fabrics are still a strong presence, proposed on the skirts, shirts and chemise dress.
And we couldn’t miss the lingerie of course! Made in a very fine high quality lace, to wear under the dresses showing refined see-through effects.

PHOTOGRAPHER Rosario Bevilacqua
MODEL Giovanna Spanò, Arianna Modica
MAKE UP ARTIST Marzia Mattina
ART DIRECTOR Ilaria Livreri