The warm season has just arrived and with it the second delightful collection of Ilaria Livreri, branded Insane Eleven.

It is a series of clothing articles that portrait a bright, determined woman with numerous and intense facets.

Strong and lively, when chooses to recall, in her outfits, the 80s and their rocking rhythm. The denim is the main character, contrasts between skinny and over fit.

Free and confident, moving on lines of the 70s proposing wonderful patchwork patterns, dynamics and lively like the fringes that make the whole more precious.

Bright and sensual, when choosing to shine on the seducing lines of minimal designed dresses, yet rich in glamorous details, like tears, flounces and deep necklines.

Spring Summer collection 2018 evolves Insane Eleven concept towards a more creative and luxurious mood.

The warm season brings the fresh and feminine elegance of the stylist, Ilaria Livreri, who proposes exclusively collections of clothes rigorously and proudly made in Italy.


Feminine and chic 80ies

Contrasts of colours and fabrics with a clear reference to the 80s in the outlines. Tenuous shades that suit with pop colours as the Framboise, stretch fabrics combining with bright denim and micro dot printing.

Styles are numerous, passing by the casual to the sexy look and hyper-chic, showing transparencies and a meddling of sizes in which super skinny fits merge with oversize fits.

It is considered pop the glamorous detail of the “lipstick mark” that embellishes fleeces and jackets.



Bohemian freedom.

The 70s allure it is still dominating, while the key word is FREEDOM.

It is a collection dedicated to a woman who has a delicate and agitated spirit, who is not only eclectic, adoring the mix&match of colours, but who also love the seducing black.

The sensuality is not missing, with the presence of maxi skirts crafted in a bohemian style showing refined see-through effects and transparencies.

The main character is the patchwork printing, conveyed in every possible way: from the kimono to the maxi skirt, from bell-bottom pants to the mini romper, everything enriched with meters and meters of trimmings and contrasting black fringes.

And what about the turbans? They are the MUST HAVE of the season, proposed in numerous colours and printing. Turbans complete the look bringing back the time letting you immerge completely in a bohemian atmosphere.


Contemporary glam.

This part of the collection takes inspiration from the revival need after the cold season. Light and impalpable fabrics dominate, viscose canvas, chiffon and macramé laces, bright colours such as the cherry colour softened by pastel colours as turquoise green.

Even the white colour plays a role as protagonist. Column dresses and total white looks make this summer collection simply BRIGHT!

The floral design, highlighted by the white base, it is a burst of colours. The dresses are rich in flounces, sharp tears. Deep necklines prefer jersey fabrics and they are embellished by precious details in pale gold colour.

MODEL Giada Bellodi
MAKE UP ARTIST Jessica Chianetta
ART DIRECTOR Ilaria Livreri