Autumn\Winter collection 2018 / 2019

Insane Eleven Autumn\Winter collection was designed for a bohemian, feminine and elegant woman who does not give up on being comfortable and wearing the embracing softness of lines and fabrics.

The articles are designed for a cross-cutting use.

  • Designed for being multi-purpose
  • Multi-use designed
  • Designed to be versatile
  • Designed for a versatile use

It means having the freedom of ranging over with every item in a game of combinations and colours, which makes this first collection proposed by Ilaria Livreri so brilliantly smart.

Fabrics are soft and captivating. Jersey of different weights, flowing or structured, thick and supporting but, at the same time, breathable and comfortable. Ultra-light and transparent chiffons, crafted in solid colours or micro dot printing, which create a game of illusionary movements at every step of the way.

Lines are essentials, large and mini dimensions are mixed. Profound splits plough trousers, skirts and dresses, while cut-outs sprinkle in tops and dresses and, transparencies, leave almost nothing to the imagination.


Soft dimensions, light woven fabrics. Chemise dresses and over shirts with bows to be matched with bell-bottom or high-waisted cargo pants and flare mini-skirts.

Among crosscutting dresses and essential silhouettes, the 70s mood makes its own way mixed with bohemian-chic lines.

An always-current trend but reinterpreted in a modern way, sophisticated but never exaggerated, which perfectly matches with the easy-to-wear concept of Insane Eleven.


The key concept of Insane Eleven is FROM DAY TO NIGHT.

It is no longer based on the occasional dress or the most classic little black dress, but there are many variants perfectly suitable to the daily life. Among these:

  • Knit-dress: it is the casual dress par excellence, so much to fit with a pair of sneakers in everyday life. Choose a minimal model and personalized it with accessories according to the occasion. A protagonist of the trend contemporary is the “nude look” style.

Minidress entirely transparent, impalpable enchanting tops, maxi shirts in tulle fabric. Clothes leaving legs and arms uncovered and sometimes even more, although not designed only for the most daring personalities. For this reason, Insane Eleven propose comfortable sets of culottes and brasserie in jersey to be worn under, to feel always at ease and comfortable.


Designed and dedicated to the sportiest women who do not say no to their femininity. A mix of apparently opposite styles, which allows to revitalize a technic article of clothing or a super fashion accessory.

The sweatshirts become minidress or they are matched to mini or maxi skirts with a romantic taste and jogging pants, which are transformed in ultra-womanly trousers to be worn with high heels.

MODEL Giada Bellodi
MAKE UP ARTIST Jessica Chianetta
ART DIRECTOR Ilaria Livreri