Ilaria Livreri

From the family business to her own woman collection

Insane Eleven discloses the exceptional talent of Ilaria Livreri, a successful stylist with an intense and bright personality. Her woman collection is bold, practical and comfortable and offers embracing and extremely feminine clothes.

Ilaria Livreri was born in Agrigento in November 2987.

As a child, she took her first steps inside the family company dealing in dancewear.

At the age of thirteen, she was able to tailor her first clothes, then, as a teenager, she kept working part time in the family business, designing her first clothes on request.

The first summer fashion collection at the age of twenty-two

After graduating, at nineteen she flew to Milan to attend the Marangoni School of Fashion, where she graduated in Fashion Design. After three years, she went back to Sicily for a short time, where she accomplished a personal project: a mini summer collection 2010, taking care of the design, photo shoot and the fashion show.

Senior Designer in Bologna: from the design to the realization of woman fashion collections

After this short but intense experience, she moved to Bologna in January 2010 to start an internship as woman Stylist Assistant for “Marciano Guess” and, after six months, she was hired as Junior Designer. In July 2014 she moved to Florence, where she had been promoted Senior Designer and collection coordinator and supervised every phase from the design to the realization of collections.

She started travelling often for work and thanks to this experience, her new passion for travelling blew up.

Her experience abroad

In July 2015, Ilaria decided to make a big change in her life and lef everything, moving abroad for a year.

She spent six months travelling the east coast of Australia, where the open minded, free-spirited simple people began to affect her lifestyle.

She moved almost every month, getting the chance to come into contact with cultures, custom and traditions of other countries, each time earning a personal enrichment.

This experience changed her life.

Her desire of freedom, of living and working according to her own point of view led her to make a new start.

In September 2016 she decided to go back to her beloved Sicily and take the reins of her family business, completely changing it. In the beginning, she worked on dancewear, but soon came the first collaborations with local brands for beachwear and woman apparel.

The comeback to Sicily and the birth of her new woman fashion collection: Insane Eleven!

But this was not enough!

In July 2016 she decided to start a new business and founded the brand INSANE ELEVEN: for the first time, she feels free to decide, design and show collections where every item embodies her philosophy and reflects her way of being.